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  1. Anomymous, oct 21, 2011 - Escuela Mediterraneo

    I am studying at Escuela Mediterráneo. I was such a beginner. I didnt know any word of spanish until complete the level of B2. I have learned alot at this school. When I was in the B1 level, I couldnt understand why my teacher wanted me to repeat the same level again. I was so frustrated at that time. I even thought about quit. Now I realized, some schools after you study a couple months you can reach to B2 level or even C1, but the level is not really that important than actual your language perfromance. The name of each level in general is very attractive for most of students. However, outside of class the real use of the lagnauge is the main point of learning langauge. I like the way how the Escuela Mediterráneo teach, explain and organize. And I sincerely reccommend you to join this school, learn and stablize your spanish skill.


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